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Spare parts and consumables for Thyssen elevators and escalators. This is only a part from all the spare parts we are able to deliver for you.

BOARD MCI-E BOARD MCI-E Article’s number:10CP610006BG BOARD MCI-E Read more.
PCB extension board MCI PCB extension board MCI Article’s number:10CP610002BG PCB extension board MCI Read more.
PCB input MI TCI PCB input MI TCI Article’s number:10CP610016BG PCB input MI TCI Read more.
Power supply MCI-D Power supply MCI-D Article’s number:10CP610017BG Power supply MCI-D Read more.
PCB regulator 60Hz EM I16M PCB regulator 60Hz EM I16M Article’s number:10CP610018BG PCB regulator 60Hz EM I16M Read more.
PCB power supply 500V DM I16M PCB power supply 500V DM I16M Article’s number:10CP610019BG PCB power supply 500V DM I16M Read more.
PCB interconnection car MCI-E PCB interconnection car MCI-E Article’s number:10CP610022BG PCB interconnection car MCI-E Read more.
PCB charger interconnection MCI-TCI-TCM PCB charger interconnection MCI-TCI-TCM Article’s number:10CP610023BG PCB charger interconnection MCI-TCI-TCM Read more.
PCB carrier MCI PCB carrier MCI Article’s number:10CP610024BG PCB carrier MCI Read more.
PCB carrier MCI/TCI PCB carrier MCI/TCI Article’s number:10CP610025BG PCB carrier MCI/TCI Read more.