Maintenance of escalators

The subscriber’s service maintenance of lifts, escalators and lifting platforms for disabled occupies leading position in PANGRATZ Ltd.

PANGRATZ Ltd service maintenance includes:

  • Regular prophylactic cleaning and lubricating of all junctions.
  • All necessary adjustments and additional adjustments.
  • Technical service and out-of-plan warning repairs.
  • Current repair works.
  • Prophylactic checks of installations and their protection devices not less than once per every 10 days.
  • Keeping of logbook on the technical condition of facilities and the results from checks and repairs, as well as comprising of bilaterally signed protocols of each PANGRATZ Ltd visit.  
  • All spare parts, including fast wearing ones, requested for maintenance of lifts and escalators in technical order and capable of safe operation, are provided by PANGRATZ Ltd irrespective of the trade mark of the installation.
  • 24-service for the performance of repair works for release of trapped passengers.  
  • Rendering of instructions against signature of authorized representative of the users for the safe operation of lifts and escalators.
  • Regaining of lifts’ and escalators’ technical order upon failure, the time of arrival on site is up to one hour after receiving of service order.     
  • Attendance of periodic checks and fulfillment of the directions of the State Technical Surveillance Authorities.
  • Providing safety of shafts’ openings and working places when working on the lift, in conformity with the provisions of the acting codes and standards.  
  • Cleaning of machine room and pit.

If you need maintenance support for lifts and escalators, we are the specialist in the maintenance and repair of such, ensuring their faultless operation for years to come.